Language And The English Language Essay

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The English language is a very complex language across all its forms. It means one thing to one person and something entirely different to another person even though the same words are spoken or written. Communication is the transfer from one person to another person of information and is open to individual interpretation which can lead to communication issues (Ferraro and Palmer, ND). Language and communication can generally be categorised as both verbal (spoken language) and non-verbal (written, body language and sign language).
Gee and Hays (2011) state that language is extremely important for people as it enables communication that provide meaning and knowledge and context. Information and communication are dialectically linked in that they are the opposing sides of the same logical thinking process as writing and speech are and always will be linked and used together yet can stand alone and be used without the other. (Hirst and Harrison, 2007, pp. 17, 18)
The study of linguistics of the English language as discussed by Wilkins (1972, p. 218) states that there is an undeniable and integral link between speech and writing and that writing is a derivate of speech. Therefore speaking and writing although separate entities they co-exist and rely on each other and together form the basis of the English language. People have the ability to adapt and for people using languages other than English or varied English dialects or body language they can code-switch…

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