Language And Culture ( Abrar Alrashidi, Cultural Anthropology

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Language and Culture (Abrar Alrashidi, Cultural Anthropology 211)

In any community, language is the real mirror of its culture. The relationship between language and culture in terms of similarity and interference Takes a huge Intellectual path. This strong relationship has become one of the most Important necessities of life for human being. These stereotypes have produced many Pictures that defined as culture. Therefore, language is not restricted on sounds, there are several ways of language, such as, writing, body language, and fine art. Islamic culture is entirely connected to Arabic language. The holy Quran was revealed by God to the prophet
Muhammad in Arabic. In addition, Arabic is the first language in Islam that allows
Muslims around the world to connect to each other. As we know, religions have
Always specific rituals and from their rituals, religious make their own culture and
Words that fits and coexists their stereotypes. The word mosque is a translation of the
Arabic word 'masjid ' which it has a very significant value in Islamic culture.

The word masjid in Arabic essentially comes from the verb 'sajda ' which means to
Prostrate in English. The main concept of the word masjid is about the worship.
Masjid is the place where Muslims prostrate and do all kinds of worship. For instance,
To pray, read the holy Quran, and think about Replenishes self-control. The first
Mosque in Islam called Quba mosque. It was built in 622 CE by the prophet

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