Essay on Langston Hughes 's Poem ' Harlem '

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Langston Hughes Poems
Langston Hughes born in Missouri around 1902 wrote many poems, which were evolved around the African American people. Rejected by the African American community for his thoughts, Hughes felt a deep sense of passion to poetically write of the struggles faced by many impoverished African Americans. During the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes used poetry to convey the African American cultural through a rhythm and blues style about dreams, suffering, the soul, and America.
Langston Hughes expresses his concerns of deferred dreams, which were lost during a depressive time in a short masterpiece called “Harlem”. This poem was published in 1951 when blacks (African American’s) were still fighting the war on having equal rights compared to Anglo Saxons. Harlem was also looked at as being the safe haven for the African American Community during this time in history. The time frame of this poem is very prudent to its theme, “Frustration”. This is what I believed, Mr. Hughes felt as he wrote those short stanzas.
The symbol of “Harlem,” reminds me of an abnormal cell, like cancer; the disease never really leaves the body or heals. For instance in lines 3 and 4 Hughes wrote, “Or fester like a sore, and then run”(Mays 1019), this resembles the anguish in which the African American communities were facing due to the color of their skin. The epidemic of hate that they faced has a distinctive parallel between their emotions during this era and the mere ideal of…

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