Langston Hughes Let Usa Be America Again Poem Analysis

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Langston Hughes, the first African American to earn a living through writing, is a significant figure in both the Harlem Renaissance and the poetry community. His post-education and childhood experiences influenced his writing by giving him content to write off of. Hughes wrote about the lives of lower-class African Americans and racial injustice to increase awareness of the pressing issue across America. Langston Hughes impacted the lives of many black communities through his writing by increasing awareness and giving them opportunities to speak out against racism. Langston Hughes has influenced, and still influences, many communities, of all races, through the literary terms in his poems; influenced by experiences in his childhood, in New …show more content…
In his time period, racism was a big issue that impacted many African Americans. His poem, Let America Be America Again brought light on the issue through his hard-hitting literary terms such as repetition, alliteration and antithesis. One major tone in this poem is justice expressed by the repetition in stanza 13 of the phrase, “the millions” (Hughes.13) in each line. To convey the importance in the magnitude of people the inequalities of America truly influenced; Langston used literary terms to get through to the readers. He wanted justice for the people that faced harsh discrimination in America. Hughes expresses the tone of disappointment in stanza 2 in the phrase, “America was never America to me” (Hughes 2) as an antithesis. This phrase shows the dreams and goals of America being crushed by inequalities and the lack of freedom in “the land of the free”. The contradiction of the phrase in itself intrigues readers and conveys a negative connotation. Disappointment is expressed through this phrase because of the negative connotation and the literary device of antithesis. In stanza 3, “dream the dreamers dreamed” (Hughes.3) demonstrates alliteration. This literary device pushes the importance of dreams in the poem and how America was the opposite of the goals Langston Hughes had. The idea of crushed dreams in this phrase conveys the tones of anger and disappointment. Langston connects his purpose in writing with this poem through the expression of the tones by literary terms; alliteration, antithesis, and

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