Langston B. Hughes 's Theme For English B Essay

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There have been numerous poets that have graced the Earth with their talents, providing humans with some of the simplest words; however, those simple words could have a deeper meaning than that of the ocean. One of these poets, Langston B. Hughes, was born in Joplin, Missouri. As an African-American, he faced many hardships in furthering his learning. While studying in New York during the Harlem Renaissance, he was inspired to write poetry. He had many works of poetry, “Theme for English B” being a product of the Harlem Renaissance. Everyone in the world has a distinct inclination to meanings of poems, and with these distinctions; comes analysis throughout the mind, body, and soul. The analysis of “Theme for English B” is unique because there is a deeper meaning to it, background information, and the wide array of meanings. First, when reading this poem, it is so well written that you believe that Langston Hughes is talking about himself when in fact, it is a narrator. The imagery that he uses is outstanding, even telling what street the character crosses to get to his room. It very may well be the same streets that Langston crossed himself! Hughes seems like he is looking out the window at someone in the streets of Harlem, when in fact he is looking into a mirror. He sees himself in many aspects of the character. The narrator of the poem is writing for his white instructor, whom of which had given the assignment. When the narrator says, “I like a pipe for a Christmas…

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