Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus Analysis

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The Legendary Fall “About suffering they were never wrong,” Landscape with the fall of Icarus both the painting and poem displays a level of suffering that should not happen to anyone but, sadly it does. The painting gives you more of a visual approach as to what is happening and you can draw your own conclusion. This painting displays quite and unnoticed because it shows someone drowning and everyone else turning a blind eye. The poem on the other hand is clarifying what is happening in the painting just more specific. Both the poem and painting signifies the theme of quiet and unnoticed because it displays how someone could be taking their last breath and it can go extremely unnoticed to others and also that the world would never fully recognize his accomplishment. Life is filled with unnoticed tragedies that can sometimes lead to painful deaths. …show more content…
This shows that disobeying your parents can sometimes lead to others ignoring you when you need them most because, if Icarus would have honored his father maybe he would still be alive. However, this is related to my theme and thesis because others around Icarus die unnoticed “quite leisurely from the disaster” when someone could have done something to help him and maybe he would still be alive. Icarus took flight knowing that his wings were week making him even more likely to drop, was his life really worth the something as simple as not listening to your

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