Landmark Case Of Bedford V. Canada Essay

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Landmark Case of Bedford v. Canada Henceforth, the case of Bedford v. Canada is used to shows the legal right of safety in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms is violated due to criminalization of acts related to prostitution. The applicants of the case were former prostitutes who wished to establish prostitution as an indoor business. Furthermore, they challenged the provisions which were the criminalized aspects of prostitution. The provision which they challenged include;
s. 210 keeping a common bawdy house,
s. 212(1)(j) living of the avails of prostitution and
s. 213(1)(c) communicating in a public place for the purpose of engaging in prostitution or of obtaining the sexual services of a prostitute.

Keeping a Common Bawdy House provision and compromising of Safety The keeping of a common bawdy is questionable in terms of the purpose it serves. Justice Himel outlines that the purpose of this provision is to prevent harm and public nuisances, specifically “combating neighbourhood disruption or disorder and safeguarding public health and safety” (Stewart, 20.. Pg. 198). The explanations provided to protect the validity of this provision is justified by the arbitrary nature of the provision which compromises safety of the sex workers. It prevents sex-workers from working in an indoor fixed location. This not only protects the safety of the prostitutes but also safeguard the public from potential exposure to indecency. It also prevents sex workers from controlling…

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