Landlord Tenant Law Essay

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Landlord-Tenant Law
March 9, 2016

Rights and Responsibilities of Tenant and Landlord As a tenant and as a property owner, you both have rights and responsibilities that is included in a tenancy agreement. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and problems it is very important that you both understand the rules of renting a home/apartment and the rules to allow someone to rent you home/apartment. Ordinarily, when an individual pays someone to live on their property, they become a tenant at which time they are protected by a law that is governed in their state.
As a property-owner, you have certain responsibilities, which are derived from property rental laws as well as from any arrangement whether it was
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For example, regardless of who the tenant is or what the problem is, he should at least respond to the complaint. Go by the rental and find out what the problem is. Then and only then will he know if it is a problem he can fix or if it is something that the tenant can fix. He will decide on what day he want s the rent to be paid and how it should be paid. These are his rights as the property–owner. It is by right to the property-owner as well as the tenant to give a 30 day notice of vacate.
While Larry has his laws, Roger has his as well as a tenant. As stated above, if he wishes to vacate the property, legally he needs to give Larry a 30 day notice. This gives Larry time to check and see if there are any repairs that need to be made before Roger leaves. It also gives him time to get someone else lined up to move in if he wishes. If Roger has always paid his rent on time and there are no repairs that need to be done before he vacates, then Larry has to return his deposit to him. That is of course if he gave a deposit.
Decide whether or not the landlord and/or the tenant had a legal duty to mitigate damages.
In this scenario, rather in this case, the landlord had a responsibility to alleviate the damages. I do not believe the tenant had any legal rights to mitigate it. Roger did his part by contacting the landlord and letting him know about the leak. Then there is the fact that he asked Larry about any leaks before he decided to move into the

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