Land and Property Rights of Women in Bangladesh Essay

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Prospects and chaleenges of land development policy in Bangladesh
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Land is the father of wealth and labour is her mother. Land as wealth is scarce, finite, productive and decisive in determining individual’s economic status, social standing and political strength and in determining key to economic development as social justice. All these are more so true in an agrarian economy like Bangladesh. The importance of land and the concern for its uses associated with the ownership are built into people’s needs and aspirations Besides land there are also inland flood plains, streams, lakes, ponds, beel, haor-baor and other areas from very large to small that are
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The British, from the outset, gave high priority tothe organisation of a centrally controlled management system that was designed to maintain political control and secure a steady source of state finance. NGOs concerned with the land issue have tended, in recent years, to focus their attention on the different means by which these rights may, in practice, be secured Fig lays out the historical antecedents of land policy and explores, in outline, the major developments taking place in the post-colonial era, provides more detail in the form of a time-line.
Key developments in land policy and administration era | Key developments | Khas lands | Fiscal poliy | surveys | Civil society | Land ceiling | administration | Pre-colonial | Indian Hindu rulers introducefirst land revenue systems C16 Sher Shahre formsintroduce system of land measurement revenue assessment & collection | | | | | | | Colonial1757-1947 | 1793 Permanent Settlement Act establishes Zamindari | 1825 Bengal regulation 111868 Bengal Alluvion Act 1919 Government Estates Manual 1932 Bengal Crown Estates Manual | | | | | | Pakistan1947-71 | 1950 East Bengal State Acquisition & Tenancy ActAbolishes Zamindari: landshould pass to tiller share cropperright | | | | | | |
Land policy and administration timeline
INDIA PERIOD | Land revenue systems introduced by Hindu rulers of ancient India. | C16 | Sher Shah reforms introduce a regular system of

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