`` Land Of Opportunity `` And `` American Dream `` Essay

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Familiar terms such as “progress“, “freedom“, “prosperity“, “productivity” and “equality” have seemingly altered American society. Although they live in a nation that has the highest GDP in the world, most Americans are not able to truly afford what they need. The influence of the market stresses that everything is for sale and that we need to push to get all that we can. The social market has ultimately diluted the real values of American and created new norms for society.
“Land of the free”, “American dream“, “land of opportunity“, and all similar phrases of promotion give the impression that America is place where opportunity is limitless. Although America does have many wealthy people, why is it that they are so unhappy at work, at home and in their personal relationships? The Market culture has influenced us and caused Americans to now struggle with this moral crisis. Currently everything and anything can be bought, and has forced the economic sphere into our personal lives. This pressure has created “the death zone” for Americans. An “every man for himself“ mentality pushes our limits and boundaries, diverting us from our true values and relationships.
The author’s sociological imagination refers to the pressure that the social market persuades society to becoming the new social norm, -- “moral problems are not economic problems therefore not the business of capitalists”. Americans are moving faster and faster, putting a lot at risk, including family relationships.…

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