Lancaster General Hospital Case Study

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Lancaster General Hospital, founded in 1893 is a not-for-profit hospital. They are a part of Lancaster General Health and a member of Penn Medicine. This hospital has been recognized regionally and nationally for clinical excellence and patient safety. LGH offers patients some of the most advanced health care technology available. The hospital also has the county 's only trauma center and provides a wide range services that are normally found in large urban setting. Their mission is to “advance the health and well-being of the communities we serve” (Health, 2016). They use a system called EPIC to record patient medical records.
Description of “Lancaster General Hospital”
Lancaster General Hospital is located in downtown Lancaster County.
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Epic is private and employee owned. It is the top rated vendor of EMR systems and has been the number one overall software vendor for 2009 by KLAS, an independent healthcare review organization. It was founded in a basement in 1979 by Judith Faulkner. Epic offers a vast array of services that is beneficial for a healthcare …show more content…
Other health information system used is computerized physician order entry (CPOE). This allows physicians to send any orders electronically. Instead of requesting lab results or writing out prescriptions on paper, they do it on the computer. The system has administrative, clinical and decision support. Epic has a finance system which makes it easier for paperless billing, speed up payments, have payment plans, consolidating all of the patient’s bills into one statement to make paying simpler and it’s able to automate coding and charge dropping to avoid missing charges. Also included in the EMR are the patient’s progress notes and vital signs, immunizations, medications, problems, past medical history, and laboratory data and radiology reports. The system is also able to remind the doctor when it is time for patients to get shots or when to follow up on appointments and lab tests. LGH just currently updated their system so charts would be customizable and that there will be a notification of redundancy and duplication. The purpose of this system is to provide the best possible care to the patient by reducing errors, eliminating errors caused by illegible handwriting. It will check to make sure the medicine patients take with other medicines are not harmful. It will also keep the records safe, and improves care. The system at Lancaster Hospital is easy and

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