Lan Topologies Assignment Essay

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February 8, 2014
February 8, 2014
LAN Topologies Assignment

Case Project 2-1
You have been hired to upgrade a network of 50 computers currently connected to 10 Mbps hubs. This long-overdue upgrade is necessary because of poor network response time caused by a lot of collisions occurring during long file transfers between clients and servers. How do you recommend upgrading this network? What interconnecting devices will you use, and what benefit will you get from using these devices? Write a short memo describing the upgrade and, if possible, include a drawing of the new network.

I have been recently hired to upgrade a company’s current network. Currently this company has a 10BaseT network established (Regan, 2004). This client is
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The workstations that fall behind the switch will also be configured with the specific IP configuration for that LAN. The separation of the network will allow greater management of the overall resources and traffic of data as it travel thru the network. The logical topology of the network will consist of four separate IP configurations routed together via a router as the gateway and use the TCP/IP protocol.

Case Project 2-3
In Chapter 3, you learn about network topologies and technologies. As preparation, do Internet research on the following topics:

● Physical versus logical topology

The physical topology depicts the physical location or how the computers are actually arranged within a specific LAN. Bus, star, and ring topology are all different types of physical layouts that are commonly found in network structures today. The logical topology pertains to hardware identification code or protocols such as; MAC address or TCP/IP (Regan, Local area networks, 2004).

● Bus topology

Bus topology is a physical type of layout that can be used to connect computer to a network or LAN. In this layout computers are connected in what can be described as a daisy chain or in series of each other. The physical form of this network is a straight line where you have a computer that will start and end the network,

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