Lament Of Lament And Complaining Prayer Essay examples

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Lament / complaining prayer is to bring our sorrow to God. As Bill says, “the lament prayer serves to articulate the problem that has arisen for the prayer. Characteristic in this articulation are hard and accusing questions (e.g., “Why?”) mediating complaints that something terribly wrong has occurred in the life of the suppliant.” Laments are common in the Old Testament but they are not common in the modern day church of the West. The modern day church forgets the necessity of lament over suffering and pain. The absence of lament in the church isolates suffering individuals and it also promotes indifference to injustice through silence of pain. When lament is lost and injustice is common, the church will lose the witness to the world. I agree with Brad, Bill and West that we need to recover lament in the church.
Divine-human dialogue
Our current practice in the church is that we must not question God. Bill raises a good comment that “if God is a God whom we cannot question, then what kind of God is to whom we are committing ourselves?” West says that in the Old Testament the lament of affliction is directed toward God and that “in both the Old and New Testament the lament is a very natural part of human life” . Since it is a very natural part of us, we should not suppress it and we should recover lament prayer in the church.
West says that “In the West, God-talk is characterized by objective thinking about God. In theology God becomes an object. But in the…

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