Laertes, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Laertes is a character that is presented in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Laertes is a young college student around Hamlet 's age. His father is Polonius, and has a younger sister named Ophelia. He is overprotective of his sister Ophelia and shows signs to have much love for his family. For instance, in Act 1.3 when Laertes says to Ophelia, “Then if he says he loves you, It fits your wisdom so far to believe it”(24-25), he demonstrates that he really cares about her because he does not want her to do anything that she will regret later on. He wants to take good care of her, so he could be a good brother. An additional example would be in 1.3 when Laertes tells Ophelia that “as the winds give benefit And convoy is assistant, do not sleep, let me hear from you”(1-4). It revealed how much he cares for his sister because he is saying that no matter what happens, to keep in contact. In 1.3 his father, Polonius, gives Laertes important advice as he goes back to college, “Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice”(68). With his dad’s advice, he was more cautions with the people he had faith in. Laertes is now becoming more aware and knowledgeable. By the end, when he finds out his father was killed all he wants to do is find out who killed his father, and also wants revenge.

The significance of this character in the play 1.2 as he talks to the king he says “to show my duty in your coronation, Yet now I confess, that duty done”(53-54), is important because we could…

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