Lady Q Book Report

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The book lady q is a novel by reymundo sanchez that takes place in new york the story is about a girl named sonia who is living in a abusive home she lives with her sisters mother and stepfather.In the book sonia is repeadlly sexually and phyisaclly abused by her family which leads her to hang out with her older sister who introduces her to her friends who are all in the gang the latin kings she later gose on to jointhe gang too but then rivals of the gang go to her school so she ends up leaving school and only hanging out with the gang she then starts to commit gang activity and going on drive bys with her gang friends she then later begins to think she is better than the rest of the latin king and queens and gets kicked out of the gang while pregnate by the main gang leader of the gang who is also incarserated she then later gets mad that no one wants be with her so she turns back to the gang for company and joins the gang agian and gose to become lady q and her herself becomes a leader to just like her baby daddy and she becomes willing to commiter violent acts of crime and to become a drug mule herself and traffic cocaine but then later gose to be able to tell other people in the gang to traffic drugs because she is a leader so she dosnt have to do it any more.
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Overall i would recommend this book to others because it is intreging and keeps you reading more and more and it makes you feel like you step into sonias life.The ideal readership for this book is teens and adults because alot of the chapters in the book are explicit after reading this book i would read the seaqule to this book that contiues from where this book

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