Lady Murasaki Shikibu 's Tale Of Genji Essay

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In history, many civilizations have existed, but there are few who reach a peak time of peace and prosperity, where amazing works of art, science and education are created. The footprint left in society from these civilizations is everlasting and historians call them 'golden ages ' .The Heian period ( 794–1185 ) created a time in which Japanese art and literature flourished, and the Japanese court was at its peak. The unified religious practices of the Heian 's and, most importantly, the influential texts and works of literature such as lady Murasaki Shikibu 's tale of Genji, made the Heian period a great and successful golden age.

The Heian period was a time in which a civilization not only existed but flourished. It was a peak time for the Japanese aristocratic court. The Government was originally ruled in the Ritsuryo system but an influential family began to take control. They were the Fujiwara family and they ruled in there own style from 967-1068. The fujiwaras eventually took complete control and ruled in there own way. They ruled an aristocracy where they had complete control. During the Heian period a unique Japanese culture was developed, after having adopted and using chinese culture for much time. The kana script, one of the most important inventions in Japanese history lead to the creation of many great pieces of literature (Yamazaki). The government stability and new inventions from the early Heian period led to the development the golden age.

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