Essay about Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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“Behind every successful man there is a women” although william shakespeare 's Macbeth lacks a great amount of what a successful man should look like, there is no doubt that behind him there is a women. Lady macbeth is a very intricate character who produces a fair amount to not only the plot but to her valiant husband macbeth. In the following essay i will examine and portray the various scenes in which lady macbeth had a role in, for example in the beginning of the play, she ignites the fire in which macbeth is the one to convince macbeth to murder duncan,

Lady macbeth is not only a fearless manipulator to macbeth, but she is also a very loyal and strong wife for macbeth, as we learn more about the relationship lady macbeth and macbeth have we can safely say that lady macbeth is the one with the evil genius relationship, in many occasions throughout the play macbeth is found at a loss of words and sometimes having no idea what to do next, in which lady macbeth steps in to save him. For example when lady macbeth says: “help me hence, ho” ( 2.3.114) this scene is where donalbain and malcolm discover duncan is dead, and macbeth decides to announce that he killed the guards in anger, everyone is very confused at this moment as to why macbeth did such a thing, and before anyone can accuse him of anything lady macbeth steps in and pretends to faint, this helps to distract everyone 's attention off of a very suspicious macbeth and onto her. Her role in the play can be defined…

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