Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Although she might seem like a one-sided and uninfluential character in the relatively short portion of Macbeth that she appears in, Lady Macbeth is one of the most captivating and influential characters within the play. Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare in the early 17th Century, mainly consists of the plot by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to murder the King of Scotland in order to take power for themselves. Lady Macbeth plays a key role as the instigator of this plot and intervenes in key events several times in order to maintain the plot’s success. Lady Macbeth’s status as a woman combined with her significant ambition provides enormous complexity to her character and makes her extremely interesting. The substantial change in character that Lady Macbeth experiences through the course of the play also contributes greatly to her significance and complexity as a character. Lady Macbeth is the most interesting and complex character in Macbeth because of her key actions made in order to further the plot, her great ambition and plotting despite her limitation in places of power as a woman, and the massive development of her character as the play carries on.
Lady Macbeth’s deep importance in the play chiefly spawns from her heavy influence on the actions of Macbeth which, along with the prophecies of the witches, cause the majority of the action of the play to occur. Lady Macbeth’s goading of her husband to follow through on their plan of regicide, along with the witches’…

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