Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Women present an ability to showcase their equivalent attributes in comparison to the masculine characters of the play. From the beginning, Macbeth shows the audience that it is impossible for him to make certain decisions on his own. His treacherous actions were often fueled by his female counterpart and the three weird sisters. It is found that William Shakespeare attempts to assert the position of the female in such a manner that it causes a misperception as to where the male stands in relation to his power throughout Macbeth. As a primary dosage, Shakespeare introduces the supernatural capabilities of the weird sisters while giving the impression that they are females. Subsequently, these powers, along with the involvement of other women, cause the scale to balance between male and female. In relation, Lady Macbeth shows the audience that women are undoubtedly qualified to show greater abilities than men at certain points in the play. In short, Shakespeare is able to highlight the equal or greater capacity of women throughout the play. This is accomplished by manifesting the power and appearance of the witches, causing women to be involved in the downfall of their male correspondents, and using Lady Macbeth as a prime ingredient to this downfall. From beginning to end, Shakespeare is obliged in urging the audience to recognize his argument set forth for women.
Shakespeare begins this argument with the three weird sisters. From the primary scene, the witches are…

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