Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Right from the start, Lady Macbeth displays a lack of humanity due to her burning passion to become queen. Through dramatic irony, readers are able to see through her amicability towards King Duncan, characterized by letting him into her own home with open arms, and ultimately, not displaying her true intentions. This passion only becomes stronger and stronger over time as she persuades Macbeth to commit murder, even going as far as questioning his “lack of courage” (Jamieson). Once there is an opportunity for Lady Macbeth to take on a role of power, she jumps at the opportunity, even going as far as convincing her husband to help her take part in gaining power (Jamieson). Based off of the actions and decisions that she made throughout the play, Lady Macbeth mentally deteriorates and proves to be a victim of her own mind. At first, Lady Macbeth comes off as a strong person that can be considered more ruthless and ambitious than Macbeth himself (Downfall). However, and perhaps because she is a woman, Lady Macbeth seems to focus more on using manipulation to achieve power instead of resorting to violence. An example of manipulation is when she uses power and persuasion to convince Macbeth to kill King Duncan (Jamieson). Perhaps Lady Macbeth proves to be more dangerous and powerful than Macbeth himself because she becomes the main instigator in the plot to kill King Duncan (Jamieson). However, the ambition that she displays at the beginning of the play is sharply contrasted…

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