Lady Killer Mr Muhnson Analysis

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Based on the film lady killer, the story was played in London. do this is done in the districts bordering the river Mississippi Harisson. In the community life of the community elderly woman living far apart from other communities, namely Mrs. Marva Munson, his widow who is very conscious of his Lord. the morning came a man named Professor Goldthwait who have plans to use underground home rang Mrs. Munson for the purpose of playing music tool with the other. The woman received terms agree. In the group there are five members namely Swiss Lump one silly but a rugby player, Generals was a donut chef, Garth is an animal trainer for advertisements on television and he is very skilled on the explosives, while Gawain is a janitors in Riverboat casinos (Bandit Queen). Besidethat, with the talent that is a member of a group of criminals. they began plans to dig the walls of the House Mrs. Munson up to form a tunnel in the basement until they appear in place of the Casino Vault. To avoid Mrs. Munson …show more content…
Munson in the bedtime. but moment want to constrict neck, his alarm clock sound cause General surprised and cigarette that well off inside the mouth accidentally swallowed without deliberately and he find a glass of water, however in the glass have Mrs. Munson's denture. with surprised he retreat behind until run gladder and stumble on cat until fall down stairs, consequently broken General head in skull part due to bump in house wall. When Goldthwait and Lump remove general body from above bridge, Lump suggests to Goldthwait to returning money to casino again, however he reject and wish to kill the old woman. but Lump does not want to kill that woman that is good. in the moment Goldthwait give him pistol to kill, however the pistol directed to Goldthwait and Lump attract pistol trigger however bullet do not go out until he see pistol end unintentionally he fire

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