Lady Gaga By J. Jack Halberstam Essay

1233 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
In the new and upcoming society, social norms are the guidelines of behavior that are considered adequate in a group or society. In the book Gaga Feminism, The author, J. Jack Halberstam makes a case for Lady Gaga to be reflected on in these newer terms for the potential of her imposing subversion over the sexual and gender norms to bring out a feasible “end of normal” entirely. Halberstam explicates that the end of normal is about the changing of social norms and this is important to gender studies and feminism because they have changed to new ideas being considered such as Lady Gaga, SpongeBob, and drag feminism. Lady Gaga is one of the new waves of feminism approaching. The idea of this recent wave is gaga goes wild. Gaga goes wild symbolizes the craziness and wildness that is frequently happening in the change of the behavior in contemporary women. Halberstam argues for a riotous and crazy feminism breaks in the gender norms. Describing the concept of gaga feminism, Halberstam explicates, “Gaga feminism is a politics that brings together meditations on fame and visibility with a lashing critique of the fixity of roles for males and females” (page 5). What Halberstam means when talking about this is that gaga feminism can be demonstrated as made up of hiccups over an era where feminism borrows promiscuously and never has intentions of falling back on any of the cliché stereotypes. Equally important, SpongeBob SquarePants ensues to be another idea of the new wave of…

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