Ladies And Gentlemen The Bronx Is Burning Analysis

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Jonathan Mahler, writer of the book, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning,” discusses the political, economical, and social fall of New York in 1977. The term originated in 1972 after a documentary series episode of the same title was aired. The term became more socially recognized during the 1977 World Series game where the New York Yankees faced the Los Angles Dodgers. Helicopter camera views show video clips of actual fires during the arson breakout caused by the economic fall of the South Bronx during the 1970s.
Socially, the Bronx was changing drastically in the 1970s, which Mahler contributes to the recent changes in the Newspaper industry. Rupert Murdoch, after purchasing the New York Post began a new wave of sensationalism in
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The abandoned buildings and tenement housing that was left was to be re constructed. Asian-Americans moved from Chinatown and Flushing queens that helped fill up the low income housing that was being re constructed. Money was set aside for the St. Barbara’s church to fix their organ. Sunday mass soon was a popular outing again, another source of strength revitalizing the Bronx after a long downfall. Referring back to the newspaper industry of the time, “North Brooklyn News” helped publish local stories which Mahler says, “chartered the community’s rehabilitation, commending its heroes, exposing its villains, flushing out corruption, and, most of all, keeping alive the story of a neighborhood that might otherwise have been forgotten as the long hot summer of 1977 began to fade into New York’s collective memory.”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx is Burning” tells the story of the collapse of the Bronx from start to finish. Mahler depicts the summer of 1977 describing the effects of decay, along with the sources of strength, Yankees carrying the community with a sense of pride and hope, as well as urban renewal efforts revitalizing the borough. Many factors contributed to “The Bronx is Burning” but the main factor was the poor economic conditions. Although the Bronx still may feel the effects of deconstruction from the fall, as described in the book, in todays society, it is important to know what was going on politically, socially, and economically to understand fully what happened to the Bronx in the

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