Ladies And Gentlemen At The Henry Dorely Zoo Aquarium Essay

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Henry Dorely Zoo Aquarium. This aquarium, located in Omaha, Nebraska, may be just about as far away from the ocean as it gets, but thanks to taxes and donations, everyone in this land-locked region can get a look at coasts around the world. And because this particular aquarium is the largest aquarium found in a zoo, there is a lot to see. Featured here are eleven exhibits, including the Open Oceans exhibit, and a Cold Pacific Oceans exhibit, as well as the Shark Reef, Ocean Drifters, and Coral Reef displays. The aquarium building, which is open year-round, doesn’t appear to be much from the outside. The only thing that distinguishes it from the café selling overpriced food and the gift shop selling equally overpriced items next door is a sun-faded vinyl sign on the double glass doors. Fortunately, the beauty of this place, like so many others, lies on the inside. Directly through the front doors is a dark room, painted entirely with so dark a blue, it could easily be mistaken for black. Overhead are plastic sculptures of various sea creatures: dolphins and sharks and stingrays. The wires that hold them aloft are easily seen against the dark of the ceiling. The wall opposite the entrance is not a wall, but a large tank, filled with dozens of silver fish that reflect the light around them as they swim back and forth in front of the plain blue background that lines the back of the tank. To the right side is a desk, matching the dark…

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