Lack Of Water Conservation During The Drought Essay

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Water is found on almost 70 percent of the earth 's surface yet so limited amounts of it are either potable or useful to us. Water is an essential part of life because we use it daily for basic tasks such as showering, washing and even consuming it. Although we have a shortage of potable water we tend to disregard and even waste our water so much that most of it ends up unused. In Anaheim we are experiencing a severe drought and it is much more crucial for those who live there to find innovative and useful ways of conserving and preserving water. Many may disregard the importance of water and its important properties by allowing things as water pollution to occur. We must conserve and preserve water as much as we possibly can. The problem of insufficient water conservation during the drought we are experiencing, in the community of Anaheim, California should be solved by imposing taxes on over usage of water, which would go to funding education programs.

Conservation of water is the limited and careful use of water resources that focus on the quality of the water by for example preventing pollution and the quantity of water used in an area. Water to many may see as an abundant natural resource but it is in fact very limited to us and yet so crucial for our survival. Many times many of may think that if we continue to waste water nothing drastic will occur. In the community of Anaheim, California there is an over usage of water for unnecessary tasks such washing your cars…

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