Lack Of Various Policies For Recreation Provision Essay examples

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The study concluded that local governments are challenged with the lack of various policies for recreation provision. The study recommended that local governments should develop recreation strategies and policies that address recreation service delivery can be addressed. In addition, collaboration between local and provincial governments should be strengthened to ensure effective recreation service delivery. This study examined constraints to urban park use as effected by gender, race, and level of income. The multiple hierarchy stratification perspective, which views gender, race, and social class as potential sources of inequality, served as the theoretical framework for the study. In essence, this perspective views poor minority females as occupying the lowest end of the social stratification continuun, while upper income White males occupy the upper end of the continuum. The final research expectation was that income, race, and gender would collectively have a significant effect on park use, and therefore poor Black women would report significantly more constraint toward park use than would upper-class White men. The findings of this study did not support the multiple hierarchy perspective. In terms of management implications, the results of this study suggest leisure constraints do not concern merely one subgroup of society. However, leisure managers must seek ways to determine if there are subgroups within their jurisdiction that are disadvantaged in terms of access to…

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