Essay on Lack Of Trust, By William Shakespeare

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Lack of Trust
(Solution to the Problem) Do you ever get the feeling that someone you know is untrustworthy? Is there ever a time when you put your full trust into someone and they completely crush it by lying or betraying you? In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the trust between Macbeth and King Duncan soon becomes broken. In the play Macbeth, and his best friend, Banquo go to war together and fight with great honor. Macbeth guts a man in war, which shows his heroism. When Duncan hears about what he has done he immediately names Macbeth the new Thane of Cawdor. “It is for this bravery, including fighting his way through a line of soldiers to get to the traitor Macdonwald, that Macbeth was promoted.” (Katherine Litterman) When Macbeth gets this title he is hungry for more and ends up betraying Duncan in a way he can never take back. This trust issue in the play could have been solved if, Duncan would have not immediately trusted Macbeth with the title, gave equal credibility to both of the warriors, or wouldn’t have trusted Macbeth just because he was family. To start, there wouldn’t have been an unforgivable betrayal in the play if Duncan would have known not to immediately give the title of Thane of Cawdor to Macbeth. Even though Macbeth never showed a sign of untrustworthiness, a king that rules a great country should know that letting someone in that easily is not such a good idea. Duncan should have been more cautious with his immediate decision considering…

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