Compare And Contrast Tracy And Catcher In The Rye

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Tracy and Holden are products of a culture which does not support those with mental illness which creates a divide between them and society. Holden embodies the lack of attention and support for those with mental illness and Tracy shows that society lets them down by not being around for them. Without a support system, Holden and Tracy are left to themselves with questions and trying to figure out their problems alone. Holden and Tracy are great examples of our society’s lack of support to people with Mental Illness. Holden shows the lack of attention and support for people with mental health because he is forced to lead a life without guidance and information about maturing. Holden demonstrates symptoms like depression, anxiety, and stress …show more content…
Both are left in the same situation. Both are left without friends. Holden wants to stay innocent while his friends abandon him for adult life. Tracy is left alone because she is seen as crazy and lost her only friend in Sunny. Although Holden runs away from any connection he has from society, his mental illness is what stops people from dragging him back in. Depression and anxiety is not wanted in today's society which is evident in Holden’s isolation. On the opposite side, Tracy looks for connections in her imaginary boyfriend, Sunny, parents, and other people she meets. She is seen as crazy and left alone. Tracy reaches out while Holden rejects, but both are left in the same spot. Tracy and Holden shows us a society similar to ours in which those who have mental illness are thrown out of society. They are thrown into a world of problems and are alone in finding out how to hurdle problems of growing up like sex, alcohol, and love. Holden and Tracy did not decide the unspoken rules of society but both are curcummend to

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