Devops Lack Of Support

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Another central challenge identified was the lack of support for DevOps. The lack of support may show on several levels: on the management level, on the team level or as an overall lack of trust.
5.2.1 Lack of management support
Lack of management support is considered one challenge in DevOps. Because DevOps has to do with lots of changes to the ways different teams are working on a daily basis, a high commitment and support at the top level of the organization is necessary to change the company culture. Klemetti says that The role of the managers is to “untie the knots executive personnel cannot untie themselves”, to “break down the walls” and allocate more time for communication and sharing.
According to Klemetti, there are three profiles of managers that each reflect their attitudes towards DevOps: tech-savvy, open to ideas and teflon. Tech-savvy managers are the easiest ones to convince. First of all, they usually have heard of DevOps and are open to discuss it. If the argumentation is made correctly, the ideas will usually go through without problems. For instance, Ursin described the management at Alma-Talent tech-savvy and therefore IT
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Katajainen and Klemetti both realized an issue where there might be some people in the organization, especially operations and QA people that are intimidated by these new tools and skill requirements and instead of striving to learn them, they initially choose to oppose change. The key to solving this issue is to communicate that the change is necessary and once the skills have been acquired, the job will actually be more enjoyable. At the same time the members of staff have increased their market value by learning new skills. Among the interviewees, the fear of operations or QA staff losing their jobs was not encountered, although DevOps can be sold to an organization as a means to reduce the need of manual

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