Essay about Lack Of Standardization And Poor Academic Achievement

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In response to the lack of standardization and poor academic achievement in the United States (U.S.) education system, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were designed to create clear and consistent benchmarks to ensure that all learners, regardless of where they live, graduate with the identified 21st-Century Skills needed to succeed in a global community ("About the Standards | Common Core State Standards Initiative", 2016). According to the CCSS site (2016), as of August 2015, 42 states, the Department of Defense Education Activity, the District of Columbia, and four territories have voluntarily adopted the CCSS in English Language Arts (ELA)/literacy and mathematics. However, since the adoption of CCSS, concerns have been raised among teachers, community members, and other education leaders regarding federally mandated content, implementation, and gaps in student achievement; particularly for diverse populations (Issues in K-12 Education Case Study Document 1, 2014). CCSS has affected what and how school teach, and the arts, in particular, have been downgraded because of the reform’s focus on ‘college and career readiness’ skills (Wexler, 2014). The reduction, and sometimes exclusion, of the arts in the K-12 curriculum has also intensified the inequities of diverse student groups in favor of CCSS test preparation, as well as, affected teachers’ perceived abilities to effectively improve student learning (Murphy & Torff, 2015). In general, studies have shown the academic…

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