Essay about Lack Of Proper Training And Adequate Control

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However, there are many more factors that contribute to an accidental or intentional use of excessive and sometimes deadly force. One of them is lack of proper training and adequate control in police departments (Lee & Vaughn, 2010, p.193). For instance, some police departments failed to provide their officers with training where they would acquire communication skills regarding mentally ill or emotionally unstable individuals (p.201). Lastly, Bernasconi (2014, p.146) suggested that the media also play a large role in the exaggeration of facts and overrepresentation of certain individuals that can induce police officers’ emotions of fear and leads them to commit thoughtless split-second decisions. All things considered, there are many social, psychological and organizational circumstances that influence the application of excessive force by the police.
Correspondingly, because the police force represents the legal system of the state, public cannot remain indifferent every time such misconduct occurs. Chaney and Robertson (2013, p.499) analyzed the comments people wrote on the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP) web site and found that a large number of them perceive the police officers as “agents of brutality”. In addition, many citizens distrust the police and, therefore, are very likely to avoid reporting suspicious situations. On the other hand, some individuals reported high rate of respect for the law agencies and believed that police…

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