Lack Of Healthy Options For Students Essay

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Each year thousands of students go off to college for their fist time. They are filled with excitement to start a new chapter in their life but many forget the importance of eating healthy. In several universities they offer different eating options for their students unfortunately here at saint josephs college there is a lack of healthy options for students. When you walk into the cafeteria you will notice that there is only one healthy food option for students. The rest of it is all greasy food that is not the best choice for students. The lack of healthy options isn’t the only thing that is a problem for the students of Saint Josephs. The other problem is the fact that there is a lack of health education provided for the students. There is no way for the students to get the information that they need to determine what they need to eat everyday or where there food exactly coming from Group Process:
The over all effectiveness of the group was okay. We all did a nice job on breaking up the project into sections. Each of us had to look up a different college and do research on the colleges meal plans and what they offered to the students. One person was in charge of collecting evidence from Chandler, the person that is in charge of the food that is provided at the school. Another one was in charge to write the paper and I was in charge of creating the action plan. We each then shared our information and them presented our findings to the class. The only thing that I would…

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