Essay on Lack Of Energy Balance Causes Overweight

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Lack of Energy balance causes overweight. Energy balanced is defined as the equilibrium take in energy and take out energy. The energy take in deals with calories you consume from food substances and drinks while the energy take out is gotten from normal day life activities like breathing, digesting and exercising. If the energy in supercedes the energy out, then that definitely leads to weight gain.
Moreover, our environment in Nigeria does not reinforce a healthy lifestyle habit. The neighborhood lacks necessities like sidewalks and gardens for recreational activities. Lack of sidewalks and parks makes it difficult for the ladies to be physically energetic. Not every lady is economically stable, this makes it difficult to pay for gyms.
The work schedules alone, consumes all their time due to long working hours, commuting and the hectic traffic that hold them down for hours. All these accumulation of stress also leads to lack of sleep. Research shows that lack of sleep increases the chance of obesity.
Obesity will happen when the total energy intake is greater that the energy expended. Obesity is like a silent killer which accumulates and damages one 's physical and mental health. There are different ways in which obesity kills. The obvious and well known effect of obesity is heart disease. Sickness or being infected by a disease is not the only thing that kills but the words that comes out from people. A friend of mine back in high school was always been addressed as…

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