Labor During The Civil War Essay

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Before and after the civil war started, labor was a critical fuse and origin to the great progress of the social organization of black communities today. Between the 15th to 19th centuries, millions of African slaves were imported to the America. (Du Bois, p.4) They were forced to live in the bottom of the social class and rank, had nothing but their own labor force to fight for survival. After the civil war, the black and white workers were thrown into a dog-eat-dog world and became rival. Both black and white workers were competing in a free labor market and Labor Union was created to advance the workers’ conditions. Labors who only worth his/her labor force created the need of support from the social organization of the black communities and the social organization uplift the black workers’ status. Slaves were coerced to become nothing but their labor force, the hunger of freedom and equality in the workplace and every other aspect in life generate black movements and organizations. Before the civil war, black slaves were compelled to use their labor force for survival. Slaves had to work on the farm and pick cotton for the planter. The planter in 1860 owned nearly 3 million slaves and the South was so depended on the black workers’ labor force. In that period of time, cotton was the dominate source of income to the South and traded for high value with the England and other European region. Inflated ego of the planter because of their economic lead in the US has left…

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