Labels Are Based On Gender Essay

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Labels Are Based On Gender
The negative stereotypes based on gender continue to be an issue in today’s world. Stereotyping people based on whether they are male or female affects an individual’s perception of themselves. Many people do not realize the damage one can do when they stereotype a person. If a person is not comfortable with their biological gender, stereotyping can cause feelings of shame. People should not feel ashamed of their gender simply because of what others have to say. Choosing your own sex was never an option, but others make it seem like they can choose to prevent the stereotypes made by society.
“Sport is however still considered a masculine domain in our society,” Fasting comments as she talks about the stereotypes made towards females who play sports. If we pay attention to our surroundings we often hear that women do not play sports because others believe that sports are only for men. In the article, “Little Girls or Little Women? The Disney Princess Effect,” Hanes declares,
Girls are participating in sports at a much increased level in grade school […] But, she adds, [girls] start to drop out of sports at the middle school level when they start to believe that sports are unfeminine and unsexy. The women’s Sports Foundation found that 6 girls drop out of sports for every 1 boy by the end of high school (Hanes 484).
The reason for this decrease in girls participating in sports is because stereotyping cause athletic women to doubt their sexiness.…

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