Labeling Gmo Foods Should Be Mandatory For Food Companies Essay

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Genetically modified foods are foods produced from an organism that has DNA which has been unnaturally altered for the purpose of improvement or correction of defects. Most GM foods have been developed to better produce through the introduction of resistance to plant diseases or of increased tolerance to herbicides. (Non GMO Project) For example, to produce pesticides in its own tissue, genetically modified corn has been engineered in a laboratory. GMO corn is sold unlabeled, yet it is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Insecticide. (Label GMOs, 2015) At this point in time, there is a debate about whether the government should require food companies to label GMO foods. While there are ways to support both sides, it is clear that labeling GMO foods should be mandatory for food companies because of ethical purposes, scientific benefits, and for GM food’s possibilities to cause allergies.

There is a disagreement on whether or not the government should make food companies label GMO foods. Those that are not in favor of mandatory labeling feel this way becausemandatory labeling will falsely make the GMO foods appear to be unsafe and there is no need for mandatory labeling because the FDA already checks our food. The Boston Globe supports how mandatory labeling will falsely make the GMO foods appear to be not safe, stating, “Advocates say it would alert those who may object to genetically modified foods to choose other options. But the mere fact of a label…

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