Labeling Genetically Modified Organisms A Deeper Look Essay examples

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To understand why people are allies and opponents of labeling genetically modified organisms a deeper look would have to be taken to figure out the history and current events that are taking place right now with the issue. To many people labeling these organisms would just be sticking another label on the back of a box. Although this is true for most, some people actually want this label to expand the knowledge of what is inside of the daily foods that are consumed. The opponents and allies then stir up problems by looking at each other’s view and pointing out the bad such as; the people who actually care to read labels can look it up on their own time and “the right to know” is not a strong enough argument or the organism can cause health problems and that genetically modified organisms don’t make the foods tastier, healthier, or last longer. Genetically modified organisms did not start as a big thing it first started off with all the science behind it and getting everything approved. The combining of different DNAs between organisms started in 1973 with a professor at Stanford University. This experiment led to them getting the first patent of a GMO in 1980 which was settled with a 5-to-4 Supreme Court case ruling. Two years later the Food and Drug Administration approves the first genetically modified organism which is Humulin, an insulin produced with genetically engineered E. Coli bacteria. Many years’ people started using this method more often which caused…

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