Labeling Genetically Modified Foods : The Unknown Domination Of Gmo

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Labeling Genetically Modified Foods: The Unknown Domination of GMO’s
A trip to the grocery store is a habitual routine for many in American society, but how much knowledge do we have about the processes our food? As a matter of fact, we have little knowledge about the food being sold to us, and this is because the food industry does not provide us with this information. According to the Center for Food Safety, an estimated 75% of processed food at American grocery stores has a genetically modified (GM) ingredient. That is a greatly large percentage of our food supply. What exactly is genetic modification? It is where scientists change genes of existing plants and animals. This process changes the DNA, or genetic material, of the species. The main reason for genetically modified organisms (GMO) is to improve productivity and profit. These foods are not from nature —they are made from science.
As we speak, these new food species are sitting on shelves, and consumers cannot differentiate between which products are scientifically interfered with and foods with traditionally grown ingredients because there aren’t labels on food products that indicate so. In fact, some companies label GM food as natural products when they are not natural at all. Thus, labeling of genetically modified foods should be mandatory in the United States and should be regulated by the FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) because people deserve to know what is in their food supply, it would give…

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