Essay about Labeling Genetically Modified Foods ( Gmos )

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Labeling Genetically Modified Foods(GMOs)
How many genetically modified foods does the average person put into their body every day? Unfortunately, many people don’t even know what GMOs are so they also don’t know that it is entering their body and can cause damage. This process started in the mid-1900s but didn’t get approved until the 1980s so it has had its course so far. At times it is very difficult to tell a GMO from a regular, healthier version of an organism but it’s like this because no one has brought it up and made an important stand or comment about it. All genetically modified foods should be labeled because it’s an important health factor and it brings awareness to the foods that everyone puts inside of their body.
The first and most basic things to know are what GMOs are exactly and how the process is done. GMOs are organisms that have extra DNA inside of the that is not originally theirs. This extra information that is being added is to make a plant or organism larger than it really is or make it last long for the store selves. It might also be done to make a mass production of a product. The process of making a GMO is started by removing DNA for an organism and forcing it into the organism that is going to change and place into their DNA. The unknown DNA that is inserted can come from any time of living thing as long as it does the purpose scientist or biologist wants it to do.
I believe I know every little about this topic but the number one thing I…

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