Essay Lab Report On White Box Testing

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• White Box Testing. White Box testing is very efficient for detecting and fixing bugs in the program. In this type of testing, the tester must have a good understanding on the internal components of the program code (Jovanović, 2006).
• Black Box Testing. Black Box testing does not require any knowledge of how the internal components or interior structure of the program interacts. This type of testing completely based on requirements of the output (Jovanović, 2006).
• Gray Box Testing. This is a new method of testing, in which the tester will have some basic understanding on the program code and its logic. This method is a combination of white box testing and black box testing and it is totally based on the internal data structures and algorithms for designing the test cases (Jovanović, 2006).
Phases of Software Testing
In SDLC, there are different phases where a software product has to be tested. Based on the software model that has implemented, performing testing can be articulated in different levels. The different types of levels include: unit testing, integration testing, system testing and regression testing. Each one addresses certain requirements relative to various segments of a system (Bertolino & Marchetti, 2005).
My proposal is to build a career in the field of software testing. I strongly believe this internship as a Quality Assurance Tester will be a great asset for my professional growth. My expectation would be to gain adequate knowledge in…

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