Lab Report On Using Finite Element Analysis Essay

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Safe model 2
Light model 3
Material parameters 3
Analysis Methodolgy 3
Safe design 4
1. Displacement results 4
2. Stress results 4
Meshing 5
Light model: 6
1. Displacement results: 6
2. Stress results: 6
Meshing 7


A project was launched to use Finite Element Analysis to design two models, safe and light, to support an 18kg load and at the same time allow a block with the same dimensions as the mass to pass underneath the model structures and be placed at the under the centre of mass of the load placed on top. The block was made to pass through the structures in the orientation shown in Figure 1. The project aims for both these models to be as light as possible while still meeting the design criteria given.
The use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used in this project to simulate the behaviour of the models’ structures when the load was placed on them. FEA allows for a means of discovering and analysing these behaviours without having to spend money on expensive test equipment. It generally saves money by using computerized engineering analysis. Several models can be tested without using up resources to test them in real world scenarios.
For the FEA simulation, Solidworks 2016 was used. The software was used to make 3D models of the safe and light model structures and then simulate the effect of the 18kg mass on them.

The materials provided for the project were…

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