Lab Report On The Circuit Lab Essay

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On September 22, 2016, you said you needed information on the Circuit Lab I had recently completed in order to present information to high school students. You need this information by October 4, 2016, in order to talk to students about circuits and increase their interest in technical subjects and the engineering profession on Shadow-an-Engineer-Day on October 17, 2016. For the Circuit Lab, I was asked to use concepts of Ohm’s Law and read/analyze circuit diagrams with common components, then test them on a breadboard. The purpose of this lab report is to provide information on the setup and procedures for circuit 1 and the calculations/analyses for all five circuits.


For the Circuit Lab, I was asked to perform various tasks for several circuits. First, I drew how I would build the provided circuit on a breadboard (Figure II, p.3). Then, I built and measured the values of resistance, current, and voltage using a multimeter. I also found the nominal values by using Kirchhoff’s voltage/current laws and Ohm’s Law. My data for the nominal and measured values of resistance, current, and voltage are shown in Tables 1-5 (pages 5-6). From that data, I calculated the KVL and power conservation sums shown in Tables 6-10 (pages 7-8). When analyzing my data, I found that the resistors demonstrate Ohm’s Law and the currents/voltages demonstrate Kirchhoff’s law. I also found that the LED’s brightness changes with the amount of current that flows through it and that in…

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