Essay on Lab Report On Spray Pyrolysis

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Spray pyrolysis is basically a thermal reaction between clusters of the liquid/vapor-atoms of different chemical species. The spray pyrolysis technique involves spraying of aqueous solution in spray form containing a decomposable salt solution of the constituent atoms. The experimental setup used in the present study is described elsewhere [21]. CdO thin films with different Cr- doping concentrations were deposited on ultrasonically cleaned microscopic glass substrates. The appropriate quantity of cadmium acetate dihydrate {(CH3 COO)2 •Cd•2H2O} was measured to make a 0.05 M solution by dissolving in 50 ml of deionised water and methanol in 1: 1 ration. The required amount of Chromium trichloride hexahydrate (CrCl3 • 6H2O), depending on the desired doping concentrations (0.25 wt. %, 0.50 wt. %, 0.75 wt. %, and 1.0 wt. %) was mixed with precursor solution. The resulting solution was sprayed on the glass substrates preheated to 300 ˚C. Chromel–alumel thermocouple was used to measure the substrate temperature, by placing at the center of the hot plate using a digital INDFUR PID temperature controller, with an accuracy of ± 5 C. The nozzle-substrate distance was kept fixed at 30 cm for all the experiments. Spray gun was kept at an angle of 45; a compressed, regulated and filtered air at a pressure of 45 kg/cm2 was used as the carrier gas. Numerous films were deposited by varying the substrate temperature, solution concentration, dopant concentration, spray angle, spray rate,…

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