Essay on Lab Report On Chemistry Lab

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Over the past four and a half years, my scientific writing has developed tremendously through different courses and styles of lab reports. Initially I started off in my undergraduate studies by writing a few biology lab reports in my courses, however chemistry lab reports are not comparable to these lab reports, in which the content and structure are different. Once I got used to writing chemistry style lab reports, the format and style of writing changed again when I reached Quantum Mechanics. As I had taken Quantum Mechanics before this writing intensive laboratory of Thermodynamics, I was exposed to the journal style of lab report writing. Thermodynamics allowed me to better understand the different writing style that was used in Quantum Mechanics along with this same style in Thermodynamics. In being engaged in this different style of scientific writing (journal article), my scientific writing has greatly improved to the point where my strengths and weaknesses were known. The scientific writing style that is used in both Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics closely resembles the same style of writing that is found within journal articles. As I have read many journal articles, I never thought that I would have the ability to effectively write in this same format for some of my lab reports. However, the transition from writing lab reports for other courses, i.e. organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and instrumental analysis, to the lab reports for Quantum Mechanics…

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