Lab : Encase Metadata Investigation Essay

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Week 5 Lab: EnCase Metadata Investigation This week’s EnCase lab investigation of Blacksuit Computing’s case involving their employee, Jane. The goal at this stage of the investigation is to intensify any sensitive files contained within the evidence files, describe the nature of these files, and identify laws that governs the management of these files. Moreover, this lab tasks the student with examining the metadata contained within these files to identify who created the file and when, as well as any other information that can be inferred from the metadata. The first task of this lab is to download the ‘Office 2007 Processor’ for the EnCase software used in this course. Once installed, this software add-in allows for examination of the meta data contained within Microsoft Office-based documents. That the sensitive file in question had been identified during the email examination phase of the investigation, which is an employee list referenced in the email to Jane from Roger Young about the employee list contained on a USB drive. With this information, the EnCase evidence files contained within ‘jane_hd’ were examined. There entries contained within two locations in the evidence file; The first in the Recycle Bin and the second in Jane’s user documents folder. Appendix A, figures 1 and 2 show the locations of the files in question, which are Microsoft Open XML files (Excel spreadsheets) with the extension of ‘xlsx’. Within this context, the files identified are…

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