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CHM130 Lab 6 Exploring Density Name A. Data Tables Place your completed Data Tables here Part IIIa (3 points) Volume of water in graduated cylinder (mL)10 mlMass of rubber stopper (g)11.15Volume of water and rubber stopper (mL)16.5 Part IIIb (6 points) Volume of water in graduated cylinder (mL)20Mass of iron nail (g)3.66Volume of water and iron nail (mL)20.5 Part IV (20 points) Type of Aluminum FoilMass (g)Length (cm)Width (cm)Volume (cm3)Thickness (cm)Regular.63g15 cm 10.02 cm.21 cm3.0014 cm Heavy Duty.97g15 cm10.01 cm .36 cm3.0024 cm B. Follow Up Questions Show all work for questions involving calculations. Part I Use the concepts/vocabulary of density to explain why the liquids formed layers in Part I of the procedure. (8 pts) …show more content…
Your steps should be able to be followed by another student to reach the same results as you had. (25 pts) Iron shavings Pour the mixture into a container Put the magnet inside of the Ziploc bag and wrap it around it Run the magnet inside of the Ziploc bag over the mixture The iron shavings will stick to the magnet (notice some of the sesame seeds will stick to it as well, we will separate that later) Use another container to deposit the iron shavings and the bit of sesame seeds that come with it. (do this until the magnet does not pick up anything up) Set the sand, salt and the rest of the sesame seeds to the side. Take the container with the iron shavings and bit of sesame seeds and use a plastic measuring tablespoon to scoop up the sesame seeds you see. Run the magnet over the tablespoon this will pick up the iron and leave behind the sesame seeds which you will put back in with the rest if the mixture that you have set to the side. (do this until there are no more sesame seeds in the iron shavings). Sesame Seeds Pour about 1.5 cups of water in the remaining mixture. A lot of the sesame seeds will float. Use a strainer to collect the sesame seeds from the top of the water and put the sesame seeds you collect in a separate container. You will have to use a spoon to move the mixture around so that the sesame seeds can come to the top. (Continue until there are no sesame

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