Essay on La Santa Muerte : The Holy Death Angel

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People have different ways for coping with stress, finding meaning with life, and finding a peace of mind. There is a cult of people that rely on La Santa Muerte for help or with serenity. There are individuals who have experienced desperate needs and decided to turn to La Santa Muerte (the Holy Death Angel), for life. There are people who claim they have made a pact with La Santa Muerte because they needed her help, and now they devoted to her for life. La Santa Muerte has very similar features as the grim reaper, she wears a cloak with a hood, and holds a scythe; however, she resembles to be a woman. People clothe La Santa Muerte with different kinds of cloaks, some with sequence and some different colors (different colors are symbols for money, health, and ect). I have always been under the impression that those who believe or follow La Santa Muerte are into dark, black witchcraft, and are evil. On the contrary, the more I have observed with believers/followers, I realized that people view La Santa Muerte as a Godmother, a saint, an angel, a guardian, and peacekeeper. To me La Santa Muerte is a new saint, who is coming around, also rapidly gaining followers/believers.There are people that view La Santa Muerte as dark and evil because there are stories of sacrifices with animal and/or people. However, to some believers of La Santa Muerte, she is the light to the other side when you have pass away. There are millions of stories about La Santa Muerte; such as,…

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