La Salle, By Rene Robert Cavelier Essay

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Although René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, Robert La Salle, is not seen as one of the primary explorers to lay claims in North America due to his many failed expeditions, La Salle is definitely one of the few and major explores who helped France lay eyes on land west of the Mississippi river. La Salle, in terms, opened up the American land for westward expansion.
Through La Salle’s exploration and expedition across the central plains and gulf, the Mississippi river, and what is now Texas, France laid claims to pieces of territory that would later become of great importance to the Americans during westward expansion and the growth and development of the future nation. Mere colonies at the time, the later states would seek out this disputed territory and conquer over half of the county’s terrain that La Salle opened the gate to exploration.
An avid fur trade partner, Robert La Salle had so-so humble beginnings and suffered from a rather tragic end near the coast of Texas. An enthusiastic explorer nevertheless, La Salle sought to expand his discoveries to further the fur trade kingdom of France to enrich his establishment. From La Salle’s beginnings in Canada to his exploration downstream the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico, Robert La Salle laid down the groundwork for exploration west of the Mississippi thus encouraging settlement by both the French and the English as well as the Spanish. Furthermore, creating competition in colonial America between these European…

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