Hispanic Legend La Llorona

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1. La Llorona Hispanic Legend: La Llorona is an old myth many times told by Hispanic parents, to scare their children into obedience. The story is about a woman named Maria. Maria was the most beautiful woman in her village, knowing this she thought she was better than everyone else. This meant Maria refused to marry any man below her standards, until she met a wealthy, attractive Ranchero. The beginning of their marriage was great, until the Ranchero returned to his gallivanting ways and would no longer even acknowledge Maria. One day Maria sees him with a suitor, in her rage she throws her children in the river. She attempts to save them, but she fails and ills herself. It is said you can hear her cries by the river where she drowned, she …show more content…
Anansi and the Moss covered rock, Eric A. Kimmel: The story is about a spider, named Anansi who deceives her neighboring animals to take the food they have gathered. Anansi comes across a magic rock, that when you say certain phrase you fall unconscious. Anais uses this to trick on six of the animals who come across the rock. Until Little Bush Deer, uses Anansi’s trick against him. Although the animals take their food back, and Anansi is left with no-hit he does not learn his lesson.
6. The Ugly Duckling, Hans Christian Andersen: The story is about a little duckling born in a barn. He is mistreated by his siblings and all the others. One day he decides to run away, and ends up being taken I by a woman, only to be driven away by her animals. The little duckling matures into a beautiful swan, and is no longer bullied for being an ugly little duckling.
7. The Mitten, Jan Brett: This Ukrainian folktale begins with a young Ukrainian boy, named Nicki. He wishes his grandmother would knit him a warm pair of mittens. When she does, and warns him not to lose them in the snow. As soon as he leaves his house, he loses one. The animals in the forest crowd into the mitten; a small mouse squeezes in and tickles the bear’s nose. This makes the bear sneeze and the animals pop out of the mitten, and it fly’s up. Nicki sees the gloves and takes it back to his grandmother’s
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Charles Perrault: French author, Charles Perrault is considered one of the founders of this new genre we know as the fairy tale. In 1697, in Paris he published several folktales that were once orally passed from generation to generation. He used his own embellishments that he added to the story. The work Perrault is best known for his work known to us as, the Mother Goose Tales. Aside from his work with fairytales, Perrault also wrote various Christian inspired poems. Perrault died in 1703, at age 75, leaving a great legacy behind. He is considered the founder of fairytales, and his works today are still printed, and his stories have even been turned into operas and ballets.

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