La Health Care Reform Essays

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Carla Hoffkins
October 8, 2011
HCA 255
Kimberely Keith Louisiana has been plagued with a lot of problems. Our current governor, who is Bobby Jindal, lost the previous election to Kathleen Blanco. Kathleen Blanco was one of the state’s worst governors. She was governor when Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana coast. Jindal was able to win after Blanco’s disastrous term as governor. He also was able to cinch the election with the promise of an overhaul of the state’s health care system. Governor Jindal is trying to unite the health care system so that it is no longer a fragmented system. He believes that our health care system is fragmented; there is nothing to link any aspect of the health care system together. There are so many
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Portable electronic health-care records can reduce paperwork, duplication and errors, while also empowering consumer to seek the provider that best meets their needs. Aligned consumer interests. Consumers should be financially invested in better health decisions through health-savings accounts, lower premiums and reduced cost sharing. If they seek care in cost-effective settings, comply with medical regimens preventive care and lifestyles that reduce the likelihood of chronic disease, they should share in the savings.” (Moore, 2009) Governor Jindal’s health care reform breaks down into three areas. The first is that it believes in voluntary purchasing tools. This means that we have the choice of different coverage options and that insurers will still be able to compete for consumers. It will allow for us to choose the plan and coverage that we need while making it affordable. The competition in between the insurers will allow us to keep the costs down for health care coverage. Second, is its portability which means that the governor wants a person to be able to take their health coverage from one employer to the next employer. This is important since job security is no longer there for us. We can take the coverage from job to job without lapses in insurance. The lapses in coverage are what is making the existing conditions so bad. When we change jobs our health insurance is lost and we start over with a new company and have to wait again

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